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EECP Treatment in Mumbai

About EECP Treatment

Enhanced External Counterpulsation (EECP) is an FDA-approved heart treatment for patients diagnosed with angina pain. We at Vedshri Heart believe in non-invasive medical procedures to lower your risk of heart diseases and prevent chest pain that doesn’t respond to other invasive procedures. Earlier, invasive surgical processes, like bypass surgery and angioplasty, were used to treat chest problems. However, not everyone is fit for a surgical treatment. That’s why the demand for EECP, a non-invasive yet equally effective treatment, has been gaining immense popularity lately.  

Our team specializes in EECP treatment, personalized to your medical condition. We assess your health and recommend the most suitable and effective treatment plan to help you recover from chest pain without performing any invasive procedures.

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EECP Treatment: Am I a Right Candidate?

EECP treatment improves your cardiovascular function. The treatment was developed 50 years ago by Harvard University as a non-invasive procedure for chest pain and other cardiovascular diseases. The procedure forms new blood vessels around the blocked arteries, improving your exercise tolerance power and reducing chest pain. EECP targets your cardiovascular system but is linked to improved circulation throughout your vital organs. In addition to improving cardiovascular health, this non-invasive procedure is used for a vast range of medical conditions, including blood pressure, diabetes, Parkinson’s disease, etc.

You are an eligible candidate for this natural bypass treatment if:

  • You have been experiencing consistent chest pain that increases with physical exercises or other strenuous activities that put pressure on your chest.
  • The pain doesn’t alleviate with medications.
  • You are unfit for an invasive treatment.
  • You experience chest pain after surgical treatment, like bypass surgery or stenting.

To know more about your eligibility for EECP, discuss your medical history and the current symptoms with our healthcare specialist. The procedure is safe for people of all ages and health conditions. However, the therapy is not for pregnant or breastfeeding women. It is also not advisable for people with pacemakers or an existing medical condition that might interfere with the EECP therapy. For instance, patients diagnosed with the following conditions should consider an alternative treatment:

  • Pulmonary hypertension
  • High blood pressure
  • Congenital heart disease
  • Fast heart rate
  • Hemorrhage

How Does EECP Work?

Simply put, EECP is a non-invasive treatment that improves your heart’s blood supply in the following ways:

  • Stimulating new blood vessels
  • Collateral opening

By creating small blood vessels, EECP focuses on directing the blood flow through these new vessels instead of narrowed or clogged arteries. This process of forming a new network of arteries for improved blood circulation is called “collateral circulation.” While it’s possible to improve collateral circulation through cardiovascular exercises, the process might take many years. 

EECP speeds up the collateral opening. Minimum 35 sessions of this therapy are all you need to stimulate collateral that would otherwise take 5-6 years of physical exercises and strenuous cardiovascular practices. Note that EECP works well with physical exercises. Just because you are getting the EECP sessions doesn’t mean you no longer need physical training. The exercises and therapy should be combined for the best results.

As mentioned earlier, EECP is called a natural bypass because of its ability to improve blood circulation to the heart muscles that lack adequate blood and oxygen supply. Do not confuse EECP with a surgical procedure, like angioplasty or bypass surgery that can remove the blockage completely. While it improves blood circulation, it doesn’t unblock the clogged arteries.

Benefits of EECP Treatment

EECP is often considered the last resort when no other treatment plan is viable. Any blockage in the blood vessels can lead to heart complications. There is a higher risk of heart attack and heart failure due to a partial or complete blockage of the arteries. This blockage is caused by poor vascular health. That’s why the doctors recommend bypass surgery or angioplasty to help improve vascular health. If none of the treatments work or the patient is not fit for the surgery, EECP seems the best solution.

In addition to cardiovascular health, EECP has been shown to fix many diseases, like diabetes, stroke, and dementia. The EECP procedure focuses on improving the blood flow to the vital organs, which can help improve many issues. Here’s how EECP sessions are beneficial for people diagnosed with heart diseases:

  • Reduced risk of chest pain due to angina 
  • Higher energy levels
  • Improved functioning of your heart
  • Improved capacity of your heart pumping blood
  • No need for strenuous physical exercises
  • Long-lasting results
  • Improved blood supply to your heart muscles
  • Low nitroglycerin use
  • Safe and risk-free procedure
  • Normalize your blood pressure 
  • Improved supply of oxygen-rich blood to your vital organs
  • Prevent stiff arteries
  • Reduced risk of heart failure, heart attack, and strokes

EECP improves arterial function. Again, it’s important to note that EECP doesn’t eliminate blockages or fix the partial or completely clogged arteries. It rather forms new collateral, which acts as the natural bypass and promotes proper blood flow throughout your body. 

Heart Before EECP Treatment
Heart After EECP Treatment in Mumbai

How do You Prepare for EECP treatment?

The eecp therapy is performed in an outpatient setting. It involves cuffs that look like blood-pressure cuffs, but these are wrapped tightly around your buttocks and thighs. These cuffs inflate and deflate according to your heartbeat and pressure. ECG sets the timing for inflation and deflation. Usually, the ECG inflates these cuffs when your heart gets sufficient blood and oxygen. These cuffs deflate before another heartbeat starts. A special sensor is placed on your finger, used to monitor the blood and oxygen levels, as well as the pressure generated from the inflation and deflation of these cuffs. The electrocardiograph display is used to monitor your heart rate. The results are shown on the screen.

The procedure requires up to minimum 35 sessions, each lasting for an hour. It is performed 6 days every week for six weeks. There is no preparation required from your end. We will check your medical history and recommend EECP therapy after thoroughly evaluating the risk factors. We may ask you to stop taking certain medications or physical exercises that might affect the results of the therapy.

The Facts That Every Cardiac Patient Should Know About EECP.

EECP got its first approval from US FDA in 1994 and after that this treatment has been accepted and approved by European Cardiologist Society, American journal of cardiology, NHS and CE certification for heart disease. This treatment is not meant for emergencies

This treatment consists of minimum 35 sessions of one hour each. This treatment is so safe and effective that even an healthy individual can take it to further enhanced his/her heart condition, stamina, and cardiovascular functionality.

Patients, going through this treatment, see huge improvements in their angina (chest)pain, diabetes, hypertension, kidney function, post strokes conditions, and in some cases, erectile dysfunction.

Patients already went through Angioplasty or Bypass surgery can also take this treatment to improve their angina pain and to avoid future surgeries. This is because, unlike Angioplasty and Bypass surgery, EECP targets your entire heart altogether and improve your overall heart condition.

EECP Treatment can be claimed for health insurance. Many insurance companies has incorporated EECP in their treatment list.

The Features Of EECP

Safe : This is one of the biggest benefits – that it’s a safe alternative to a more risky and invasive procedure.

Scientific : Scientific studies have shown EECP to be a effective as bypass or angioplasty procedure in selected patient groups. EECP is USA FDA approved for chest pain and poor heart function and is the first truly non-invasive outpatient treatment.

Documented : More than 160 research article are published worldwide supporting EECP. These articles prove EECP relieves the patient from chest pain & shortness of breath in cardiac patients. It also decreases the dependence on medication and improves the overall quality of life. The benefits last up to five years.

Its Proven :
EECP has been proven to

• Improve blood flow to the heart
• Improve cardiac function
• Improve vascular health
• Decrease and sometimes elimination of cardiac symptoms
• Increase blood flow to other parts of the body

Available : EECP is practised in major hospitals worldwide, including India. The physician is bound to tell the patient all options for managing the patient’s disease and to have an unbiased dialogue with patients. Those who don’t include EECP are definitely withholding information. There is no justification for it. Currently only a fraction of patients who could Immensely benefit from the treatment are referred to EECP. When We have a treatment which has nothing negative about it and has shown amazing clinical benefits. It’s shocking to note that it’s still sparsely used.